Analyzing, consulting & lecturing

I am working as a free lancer in various areas assisting companies and organisations as for instance Council of Europe, Open Society- / Sorros Foundations, the Nordic Council of Ministers and a number of Danish ministries, municipalities and institutions.

I am also invited to give lectures to provoke and inspire organisations and individuals to leave the beaten track illustrating the potential of conscious change - also by looking back at the failures and achievements of my own carrier.
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Media, management & development aid

In these three areas I have the privilege of being able to combine practical work and experiences in "the field" with a more analytical approach. More than twenty years in top management positions and on a number of boards give useful background to my present work at Copenhagen Business School and advisory jobs. 10 years in the Danish Broadcasting Corporation have brought a "long tail" of jobs in - and writing about media. The work in CARE International relates back to my time in teaching and research in international politics and aid/development.
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My first piece of published writing was on the "student unrest" in 1968. Since then my authorship has continued through the years running parallel to my different jobs. It has resulted in a variety of contributions to magazines and books, and in books I have edited or written.

I have especially looked into areas such as international politics, energy policy, public management & leadership and media with a special focus at the development of Public Service Media .  In resent years also broader themes on culture and society in a number of essays.
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Latest news: 

  • Received the 'Media and Democracy Karol Jakubowicz Award 2018' at University of Warsaw (See >> here)

  • "Public Service Media Funding - Incrementally Changing at the Brink of a New Era" in 'Transparency and Funding of Public Service Media - Die deutsche Debatte im internationalen Kontext', eds. C. Herzog, H. Hilker, L. Novy og P. Torun, pp. 91-105, (Springer VS. Weisbaden GmbH 2018).

  • Report from the year 2018, see >> here.

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