Field vivit with CARE in Dire Dawa,  Ethiopia November 2007

Field vivit with CARE in Dire Dawa,
Ethiopia November 2007

Report 2007 

 2007 has been a continuation of my activities in the previous three years, since I left the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). In the field of media and management I have in 2007 had the opportunity to give lectures in UK, Austria, Moldova, Norway, Germany, Portugal and Schwitzerland and a long row of lectures in Denmark covering a broader area of themes (See selected references here). 
My book (in Danish) on my 10 years with DR, was published in the spring 2007 and caused a bit of an upheaval and discussion on how the relations between government and Public Service Media are – and how they should be. My monthly commentary on media to the Danish newspaper “Information” has been continued throughout the year.  In the same field of interest I have contributed to a book to be published in the beginning of 2008 with an article on ‘Organising Public Service Media’ focusing on the institutional independence vis a vis public regulation and market.
The book on European Public Service Broadcasting (Making a Diffence) published in English and French in 2006 got an Italian follow up (Fare la Differenza. Il servizio pubblico radiotelevisio nel panorama mediatico europeo)
Drawing from my managing experiences from public institutions in some odd 30 years I am together with a group of old colleagues preparing a book on the development – and whole steering philosophy - of the Danish public administration and management in last decades. My contribution will be a critical analysis of the so called “New Public Management” paradigm and the way it has worked on the institutional level.
I have continued my work as a board member of Roskilde University  and was in the autumn appointed by the minister of culture to join the board of the Danish Film Institute. As vice chairman of CARE Denmark I participated in this year’s general assembly of CARE International in Addis Ababa and visited in that relation a number of very successful CARE projects in eastern Ethiopia.
The year 2007 has been fruitful and busy. I have had the oportunity to work with interesting and important issues and projects and to meet many fine people committed to making our world a better place to live.