With CARE in Phongsaly, Laos, November 2014. Learning how to treat the rice harvest.

With CARE in Phongsaly, Laos, November 2014. Learning how to treat the rice harvest.

Report 2014

In the past year I have continued the work with a number of larger projects and engagements. Some of them have now been completed.

The Open Society-/ Soros Foundations program Mapping Digital Media, has now published 56 country reports, a number of thematic papers and the final overview global report published on the Internet in the autumn, see here >>. A spectacular project indeed, but also little depressing to realize that from a freedom of speech and media plurality perspective things seems to be going from bad to worse in most countries.

In this fall I completed a study commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers, see here>>, with a proposal to establish a common knowledge base on Nordic cultural policy with the primary task to harmonize and further develop the cultural statistics across the Nordic countries.

After eight years on the Board of Roskilde University, see here>>, the last six years as chair, my term has now expired. In these years with Danish universities balancing between the classic academic autonomy and a still closer governmental regulation, it has certainly been both interesting and challenging to participate in the work of revitalising this unique Danish university.

At the Centre for Business Development and Management, Copenhagen Business School, we have now ended a five years research program (Strategic Leadership Research in the Public Sector), see here >>, financed through a grant from the Danish Ministry of Finance. The grand finale was marked by a conference and the publication of three volumes presenting research results and contributions to the ongoing scholarly discussion on the future role of the public sector and how to manage it (more) properly.

My work with CARE International, see here>>, has this year been dealing with the long term perspective of adapting CARE to an evolving new world order and the changing relations between “the South and North”. Attending Board and committee meetings I can’t refrain from sometimes wondering if any positive results from this ever reach the poor people we are set in the world to help. In that perspective field visits to some of our projects in India and Laos in November were very convincing illustrations of the necessity and positive effect of CARE’s work.

Close to the end of the year I have been appointed member of the Minister of Culture's Public Service committee set up (2015-2017) to investigate the role of Public Media in the digital society.

On a more individual level I have carried on with advisory work, lecturing and writing (see here>>). All together my life as a freelancer is a privilege and gives me great satisfaction, primarily because of the opportunity to meet and work with so many excellent and dedicated people in so important areas.